Recipe of the Day: Mie Kocok


Last week I had a blast in Bandung for Street Food Chef Tv, which was a real treat since Bandung is my wife’s home town, and therefore a home-away-from-home for me. One of the dishes that I featured on the show was Mie Kocok; it’s a local noodle dish that my wife adores-she can’t get enough of the stuff, and over time, I’ve come to adore this dish with the same fervor. We both have a deep curiosity and appreciation for street food, and in Bandung the road side warung’s are a mix between Chinese and local Sundanese cuisines. Mie Kocok is a traditional egg noodle dish with beef skin and a small amount of beef trimmings from the bone that has been slowly simmering in the post for 5 hours to produce this amazingly clear, shiny broth with lots of bean sprouts and Asian celery. The result is a fragrant soup base with a hearty portion of noodles, but light enough to have as a quick lunch on the go.

Mie Kocok Recipe


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