Nyonya cuisine is steeped in the history of migration, intermarriage and the passing of secret recipes from one generation to the other. Nyonya women mostly welcomed the arrival of wives from China, and would share and mix up local and foreign recipes for their husbands ...Read More »

Pickles are the result of immersing fruits, fish and vegetables in a salty liquid or brine that prevents the growth of bacteria and preserves their viability whilst creating a change in taste and texture ... Read More »

Indonesia is formed from thousands of sprawling islands, populated with farmers and fisherfolk who know the value of everything and waste nothing, the soup is no exception ...Read More »

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There are a few different versions of betutu found throughout the island. In Ubud, the birds are stuffed with cassava leaves encasing the full comp...Read More »

To me the markets are like a second home, as well as where I feel the deepest roots of Balinese culture. Day in and day out there is always ...Read More »