Street Food Chef: Bandung


This week’s episode of Street Food Chef takes me to the metropolis of Bandung. This time, Wayan, the head chef at E&O, accompanied me, which was a special treat since  he’s gone from being my steward 6 years ago in Bali to commanding a kitchen and team of 40 in Jakarta.

Bandung holds a special place in my heart since it’s my wife’s hometown and whenever I visit, I feel almost like it’s my second home. Plus, there’s a lot of action in the street food scene since it’s one of the best places in Indonesia to go to university, so the vibe is high energy and youthful by night.

We started off just north of Bandung in Pengalengan where we visited a cow farm and then travelled to a very famous coffee factory and shop called Toko Kopi Aroma  as a way to illustrate what a difference it makes when you’re preparing delicious, however a bit complicated dishes like pannacotta (more to come on this is a few days on the blog).

Bandung 1

Along the way, I tried other tasty local fare like a noodle dish called mid kocok, and a type of braised rib called iga bakar, which actually originated in Jogja and tastes a lot like tengkleng, but with a sweet edge from the addition of a lot more sweet soya sauce. Pak Jangkung invited me to his home to learn how he creates the braise before sending it out to his satellite kitchens throughout the city.  I was so taken with this interpretation of short ribs, that I chose it as a dish to feature on the show once I got back to my own kitchen at E&O.

I always get a surge of creativity in Bandung which was known in Dutch colonial times as the “Paris of Java”. It’s vibrant with artistic energy day and night, but also the weather cools off in the evening which is an amazing reprieve from the Indonesian heat, almost like I’m back home in Scotland.



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