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The Street Food Chef Chronicles

Food Culture

For me, the most inspiring chef is the one who has done the same dish for 30 years and still has a queue lining down the road for her food. And she keeps the consistency. I know it’s only one dish, but for her, for more people in the world, you cook to live. You eat to live, rather than live to eat. That is the fundamental basic. What you cook today in the warung is what pays the kids to go to school tomorrow. And it’s that bare necessity of life that I think attracts me to street food, especially to Asian street food.

Travel Diaries

Everyone knows me as ‘street food chef’ because I like to go around tasting every kind of food in all the countries I visit to educate myself and it has made me into who I am right now.


A Street Food Chef With global Attitude

A pioneer of the food realm, chef Will Meyrick has built a reputation on pushing boundaries. The restaurateur’s career has led him from London to Sydney and through to South East Asia, where he is now settled. After lengthy stints in Australia working at
two of Sydney’s leading restaurants, Will was wooed to Asia by the arrival of opportunities in Bali, Thailand and Hong Kong. It’s the small island of Bali which ultimately claimed Will’s heart, and where the chef chose to establish his eatery empire Sarong Group.