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Nothing beats a good market day for a chef. So me and Kevin Cherkas from Cuca Bali have decided to hop on a local kelotok and visit the floating market of Lok Baintan to get a taste of the local fruits.


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About Will Meyrick, The Street Food Chef

For Will Meyrick, food is synonymous of fun, travel and culture.

This globe-trotting chef is constantly exploring the culinary landscapes of the Indonesian archipelago, hunting down the best street food and taking inspiration from the unique food culture of each destination.

He can be found at street stalls, local markets, getting off the beaten track to get to the heart of the dishes that resonate with him.

These experiences have been the influence of his 5 highly successful restaurants in Bali: Sarong Bali, Mama San Bali, Hujan Locale, Som Chai and Billy Ho.