A pioneer of the food realm, chef Will Meyrick has built a reputation on pushing boundaries. The restaurateur’s career has led him from London to Sydney and through to South East Asia, where he is now settled


After lengthy stints in Australia working at two of Sydney’s leading restaurants, Will was wooed to Asia by the arrival of opportunities in Bali, Thailand and Hong Kong. It’s the small island of Bali which ultimately claimed Will’s heart, and where the chef chose to establish his eatery empire Sarong Group.

Will is now a household name across Indonesia, with seven successful restaurants under his belt; Sarong 
(San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Award winner), Mama San (the Miele Guide Asia’s Top 500 Restaurants Award winner), two more Mama San restaurants in Hong Kong and Malaysia, Hujan Locale in Ubud, and now Billy Ho Izakaya Japanese in Canggu.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Will will also welcome a new project, Amber Hotel by Spark Hospitality, a Lombok resort complete with a beach club and restaurant both, in 2020.


“As a chef and lover of beautiful cuisine, I have always been intoxicated by the spices, flavours and textures of South East Asian food,” explains Will. “I enjoy travelling throughout the region, finding and meeting the real people in the ‘warungs’, who produce food that really expresses the heart of their cultures. To then share these incredible flavours with the world is an incredible privilege. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to nurture relationships with local cooks and producers and through them, the community and this helps us to maintain the essence and quality of the dishes that we serve in our restaurants by tapping into the stories and history behind these marvelous recipes.”


Alongside his burgeoning portfolio of restaurants and cookbooks, and ongoing roles on national and international TV programs, including Indonesia’s Top Chef franchise and Back to the Streets on Asian Food Channel, as well as his own YouTube and Discovery Channel series, it’s surprising that Will finds the time to travel. But the passionate adventurer continues to explore near and far in the pursuit of authentic and secret recipes from across South East Asia.


It’s by diving into kitchens and learning first-hand the recipes and the histories that have contributed to the rich culinary cultures of the region that Will finds inspiration. He can be found frequenting street stalls, in neighborhood kitchens and backyards, at markets, getting off the beaten track to get to the heart of the dishes that move and shake him, tracking down the original recipes that have been handed down through generations.


“Through food, I enter those kitchens in the villages, get to know the people, discover the story lies behind each dish, and learn the history and culture of every region I visit, without even knowing their languages,” he explains.

Holder of World Gourmet Summit Excellence Awards’ Restaurateur of the Year 2016, Will Meyrick is a unique culinary talent that has shown himself to be a truly multi-faceted and dynamic industry personality.