Warungs Articles

Bali: Warung Mira (Khas Buleleng)

Serving Singaraja-style food, Warung Mira is one of my favourite warungs in Denpasar.

Bali: Babi Guling Grenceng (Bali Tulen)

A relaxed affair, it’s shoes off at the front steps here, with ‘lesehan’ style seating on rattan floor mats.

Bandung: Mie Kocok Pak Eman Putra

Discover Bandung traditional egg noodles in clear beef broth with a hint of Asian celery

Bandung: Iga Bakar Si Jangkung

Thousands of plates later, Pak Jangkung is now at the helm of his own mini-rib empire in Bandung.