Kalimantan, Warung Hj Yuli and H Alan

Aug 1, 2019 | Indonesia, Kalimantan, Vlog

In this episode, Kevin Cherkas and I are searching for intense flavours for our dinner event that happened back on the 11th May in my restaurant Som Chai. This experience also gave me inspiration for some dishes we now serve at Hujan Locale. We started our culinary journey at Warung Hj. Yuli, in Banjarbaru, where fishes are sublimated in a Kalimantan style. Then, we went on to Amutai city, to try the legendary Warung Itik Tanpa Tulang H. Alan. Pak Haji Ali was serving up his signature duck dish, which is deboned duck marinated in soy and a few other spices. He would rub the duck across the grill as if he wanted it to absorb the flavours of the grill which looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since he opened back in 1993!