Kalimantan, Warung Katupat Kaganangan and Warung Novi

Aug 14, 2019 | Indonesia, Kalimantan, Vlog

On our first stop with Kevin Cherkas, we went to Warung Kaganangan, in Kandangan, which is renowned in Kalimantan. This place serves a dish made of a signature smoked fish, simmered in a coconut gravy, served with rice parcels, also well known as ketupat. After filming, I was able to get some inside information that allowed me to serve it my way, at Hujan Locale, during our April 2019 event “A Dinner in Kalimantan”. Next stop was Warung Novi, in Banjarmasin, to try her famous Soto Banjar. At first, this dish was a challenge for Kevin to reinterpret, but in the end, very inspiring as we literally transformed this soup into Xialong Bao’s for our Kalimantan dinner on May 11, 2019, at Som Chai.