Curry Mie Laksa

with fish balls, fish cakes, prawns, fried tofu, Hokkien noodles, rice vermicelli, bean sprout and soft boiled egg.

A flavorful dish to serve directly in the wok!

Supposed to come from the Persian word for “noodles”, “laksa” is generally a rich spicy fish soup served with thick wheat noodles and vermicelli. Though there are several variant of this famous soup, my take on this recipe has mostly been influenced by Pearly Kee, the Superstar Chef of the Nyonya (also named Peranakan) cuisine. This recipe is part of my new masterclass series “Cooking at Home with Will Meyrick”
Will Meyrick





  • laksa paste (see sub) 1 large tbsp
  • dried shrimp, blended 2 pinches
  • pong garee powder 1 tbsp
  • chilli Jam 1 tbsp
  • chicken stock 50cl
  • coconut milk 1 cup
  • dark soy 1 tea spoon
  • light soy 1 tea spoon
  • kecap manis (sweet soya sauce) 1 tea spoon


  • tofu, fried 1pc
  • bean sprouts 30gr
  • soft boiled egg 1pc
  • fish balls 4pcs
  • fish cakes 4pcs
  • vermicelli noodles 30gr
  • Hokkien noodles 30gr
  • chopped coriander

Laksa paste

  • lemongrass 100gr
  • garlic 50gr
  • coriander powder 10gr
  • white pepper 15gr
  • shallot 200gr
blend all ingredients together

A Warung version from Medan, Indonesia

A variant from Mama San

The Signature from Monsoon, Hong Kong

Step by Step Instructions

step 1 : wok

Warm garlic oil in a wok or a pan

step 2 : stir

Stir your laksa paste, add the blended dried shrimp, the pong gari powder and the chilli jam

step 3 : stir well

until you get a beautiful brown color

step 4 :

Add chicken stock and coconut milk 

step 5 : seasoning

Season with salt (2 large pinches), sugar (1 large pinch)

step 6 : boiling

Bring to the boil

step 7 : blanching

Blanch separately the fish balls, the prawns, the bean sprouts, then the Hokkien noodles, finish with the vermicelli

step 8 : dressing

In a big bowl, in a wok (or a tureen) put:

1 – the noodles, the bean sprouts

2 – cover with slices of fish cake

3 – add halved fish balls

4- add cut fried tofu

5 – add fresh minced coriander in the broth, mix it through

6 – pour the broth

7 – pop the half eggs on top

Selamat Makan

Enjoy your Chicken Mie Pangsit!