Sambal Hijau

Indonesian green chili “salsa”

A taste of West Sumatra

Limes, lemons and bright green chilies give this wonderfully spicy dish its name.

The secret ingredient though is the dried fish, just jumping the flavour up a level into that exquisite sharp, salty, citrusy tang.

We serve this with our Balinese Bebek Goreng (Balinese Crispy Duck – Check my recipe here) at our restaurant Hujan Locale in Ubud.

Will Meyrick





  • 500 gr big green chilli
  • 100gr shallot
  • 80gr garlic
  • 20gr dried fish
  • 5 lime leaf
  • 3 lemo juice (or lime)
  • salt to taste



Deseed the big green chilli, keep the seed aside. Cut each shallot and garlic into 2 pieces – mix half amount with green chilli and mix other half with green chilli’s seeds and lime leaves. Sautee each mix separately until soft, lift and allow to cool in a separate bowl.

Roughly pound the green chilli mix, set aside.
Finely blend the green chilli seeds mix, set aside.
Finely pound the dried fish, set aside.

Mix all in the bowl, seasoning with lemo juice and salt.