An amazing journey awaits you with Will Meyrick and Calcutta Walks. You will discover different neighborhood of Kolkata, dive into the city culture, and virtually taste the best food from the streets.


Follow me as I discover Northern India. Today, with my friend Ramanuj from Calcutta Walks, we’re checking out the diverse culinary street food scene of Kolkata and how cultures from all over the world have influenced its cuisine.


Next on our itinerary with my friend Ramanuj from Calcutta Walks, we continue to discover Kolkata’s unique street food scene and learn about its diverse influences from Central Asia


In this episode, with my friend Ramanuj from Calcutta Walks, we continue to explore Kolkata’s street food treasures with a visit of the famous Nahoum & Sons Confectionary, one of the last vestige’s of Kolkata’s Jewish heritage, then followed by unbeatable street food sandwiches the city has to offer.


Today, with my friend Ramanuj from Calcutta Walks, we are tasting different historical dishes from the city. Follow us in Kolkata YMCA’s canteen, where we try the legendary mutton stew. Ramanuj explains to me later the French influence in some local specialities, like the amazing Kabiraji dishes served in one of the oldest eateries of College Street: Dilkhusha Cabin


Basanta Cabin is a 130-year-old institution in College Street, Kolkata. With Ramanuj we try their signature fish fry, topped with chaat masala. Then we visit the Paramount Cafe, another piece of history, famous for its sherbet. Shasik, the owner tells us the story of his venture and invites us to taste some of his renowned recipes.


Follow me today from the banks of the Hoogly River (also locally named “Ganga”) to Muliik Ghat, the largest flower market all over Asia. We’ll finish our day trip in the astonishing Maniktala Fish Market


Today we are in Chitpur with Anirban from Calcutta Walks, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in North Kolkata. We visit a milk auction centre, then a cheese market, where you can find some Koya, a soft yellow cheese, which recipe has been introduced to Bengal by the Portuguese and is used mainly for desserts.

Our day trip ends in the South of the city, in Bhawanipur, where the nightlife begins. We visit Balwant Singh’s Eating House where I try their famous Nimki and their sweet Jalebi. And I recommend you to try a delicious Chai Tea, served in a disposable clay cup, that preserves its deep flavour. Then we finish at Sharma Tea House, an institution with fantastically sweet puffs and samosa.


Follow me into the nightlife of Kolkata with Anirban, from Calcutta Walks.

Let me show you some of the best places in the city like Apanjan, in Kalighat: a “hole in the wall” street food spot where you can eat chicken leg fry, fish fry, egg chop and fish chip.

Then, you must try the famous Ghugni on Park Street, a freshly cooked dal with tamarind, masala, and onion with a fresh squeeze of lime.

Another must-try is the chilla, a crepe made with besan flour, onion, mashed mung bean (moong dal) & garam masala and served with mint chutney and tomato chutney.

I end today’s trip by enjoying an authentic Kolkata papri chaat of mashed potato, with tomato tamarind chutney, coconut & coriander, and a wonderful frozen dessert.


Crossing the Howrah Bridge, you enter some incredible historical districts of Kolkata.

With Anirban, from Calcutta Walks, we start our day by visiting the cluster of Bow Barracks. The locality is a small hub of mainly the Anglo-Indian population who have lived here for generations. They are also famous for their Christmas celebration.

Small Buddhist history sequence in The Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha (the Bengal Buddhist Association). It was founded in the year 1892 by the Most Venerable Kripasaran Mahasthavir for the regeneration and revival of Buddhism in India and was a contemporary of the Anagarika Dharmapala, the Founder of the Maha Bodhi Society of India

Then it’s time to enjoy some delicious baked goods in Ajmeri, a seven-generations old institution where they bake delicious English white bread and a wonderful Christmas cake.

A few steps away is Sufia restaurant. They serve their interpretation of nihari, a slow-cooked stew. Usually, you eat with some dal poori, a deep-fried Indian bread stuffed with lentils. And that was pretty awesome!


In central Kolkata is a neighbourhood named Tiretta Bazaar. It’s also well-known as the “Old China Market”.

Here is my spots selection you should visit when you’re in the area:
Toong On Church
A red bricks architectural marvel temple
Sea Ip Church
A 1905 building temple, dedicated to the Goddess Kwan Yin. Note that the ground floor is a library, a perfect place to interact with people from this community.
Pou Chong
The legendary manufacturer of sauce, noodles & jams since 1954 in Kolkata
Tung Nam Eating House
An institution: Chinese food at its best, where you can taste classical signatures, some are even “Indianized” as Anirban says.


Amazing food experience today. I am a privileged guest at Madu’s house. We have dinner with a living legend: Rinuka, her grandma, who just turned 94!

Join us for dinner, as Madu will cook us some mouthwatering dishes: saag, pumpkin with red chickpeas, bottle gourd with shrimps and a fantastic yoghurt curry of carp.


Today, I take you to the biggest fruits and vegetables market in India, the Mecchua Fruit Market, where I spend some time shooting and chatting with the locals, then I introduce you to the traditional potters’ quarter in northern Kolkata, along the Hoogly River: Kumortuli.

Mecchua Market: https://goo.gl/maps/HSh3WayGxVrHphWKA

Kumortuli: https://goo.gl/maps/xTkBK1XLKJ6DFMbD6


If you are looking for some tasty food experiences in Kolkata, you should visit the places I recommend below: Mamagoto Mamagoto is a fusion Pan Asian café on Park St. Their quirky interior is worth enough the visit! I recommend their signatures: their Chiang Mai Trainstation noodles (Khao Vai) and their Mamagoto Goreng (Nasi Goreng).

Elahi Luxury Dining https://goo.gl/maps/ttJTWU49pTiv6Y7X6

The restaurant, where I meet Asif, one of the three founders, serves a very inspired Mughlai, Awadhi and North Indian cuisine. Here you can enjoy what is probably the best Biryani in Kolkata. I recommend their signatures Chop Ki Nihari, Mutton Galouti Kebab, Lucknowi Pulao, Kolkata Dum Biryani (of course!) and their Gilawatti (a.k.a. Galouti Kebab). Awesome dessert selection too with their Hari Mirch Ka Halwa, Dudh Shemai (literally meaning Milk Vermicelli) and their Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding).

Indian Coffee House https://g.page/Indiancoffeehouse1958?…

By visiting this institution, you literally travel in time! Enjoy the place and try the Mutton Afghani!


Time for me to say goodbye to the city, where I had an amazing experience, discovering combined flavours and mixed cultures that inspired me to recreate and reinterpret some of them.

You can now enjoy these dishes in my restaurants, like the Goat Nihari in Will St., the fried chicken in Honey & Smoke, the Roti Prata in Mama San, and so on…

Back to College Street, Kolkata, in the popular (and very crowded) Indian coffee house with Anirban, from Calcutta Walks, to close my journey in one the world’s best street food paradise.


When in Kolkata, you may want to visit off-the-beaten paths. A little bit of food culture history today, by Anirban, my partner in crime during this fantastic experience. Travel with us from 1690 to our days, to understand how the City of Joy has become a paradise for street food lovers. Calcutta Walks is the one to employ for a walking tour, not only for street food but also for architecture, and bazaars, to feel the multicultural influences that built the city.

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